Thoughts on a train

Hi hello, I don’t really have an introduction to whatever this post is. I’m heading back from London on the train and I felt the need to spill out a few thoughts I’ve been having recently in an attempt to declutter my mind. This post is lowkey a mess but If you enjoy having a nosy through peoples thoughts, or are looking for somebody that is in the same anxious/messy/overthinking mindset as you are, then here you go.
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Whats in my travel backpack

I’m heading down to London tomorrow (as you can tell I’m writing this pretty spontaneously), I’ve been anxious about this trip for a few weeks, and with the changes that have happened in my life over the past few days it’s all a bit much, especially with Trump being in London at the same time. However I really don’t want my anxiety to get in the way of an exciting trip with my mum to one of my favourite cities. So I thought that I would put together a little post talking through what I’ll be carrying around with me in my backpack whilst I’m there.
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June faves & feelings

Hey internet folk, June is over so that means a monthly faves & feelings recap post is due. Unlike last months little recap, I actually have a small handful of favourites this time, not a lot but I just have to mention them and this month really was all about the feelings, it’s been full of ups and downs. So feel free to have a nosy at what I’ve been loving and what I got up to during June.
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On my “to be read” list

Sometimes nothing makes me happier than sitting down with a book, although I always forget about it. It just always slips my mind and I never find the time. When I do though I cannot seem to tear myself away, especially if I find a book that I can really sink my teeth into. A trip into town isn’t the same without popping into Waterstones (without a doubt one of my favourite places) and I realised the other day that I’ve accumulated a bit of a list on my phone of books I’ve been meaning to buy and read. Today I thought I’d share that list with you to give you some reading inspiration.
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5 tips to boss that interview

So I had an interview the other day and I’ve had a few in the past, big and small. I don’t know if i got the job yet, however I really wanted to write a post collecting together a few lil tips that I always try to remember for before and during the interview. Interviews can be bloody scary, incredibly tense and sometimes can be super uncomfortable even if you really really love the job opportunity and the company. I hope that if you have an interview coming up soon, that these little tips help.
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Getting back into photography

Sometimes I forget how much I love taking photos. I love capturing things in the moment and being able to have a copy of that second forever. I studied photography in college and I’ll be honest, I don’t think that I appreciated it enough at the time. It’s weird that when you’re forced to do something sometimes your creative energy can just stop. However now, I love taking photos just for the sake of it, just because I want to and it makes me super happy. Recently I’ve been trying to take more creative photos and I’ve found a new way of editing that I’m reeaaally happy with, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.Read More »

Morning/evening skincare routine

In the past I’ve been pretty crap at looking after my skin, I never stuck to a routine and my skin was an honest mess. However recently (and when I say recently I mean in the last few months/year) I’ve been so much better at looking after my skin, taking care of it, realising how important it is and I’ve noticed such a difference. I wanted to share with you my morning/evening skincare routine and the products that I use, nothing is too fancy or flash, there isn’t a million steps and its not too complicated. Everything can be bought easily (and cheaply) from high street stores.Read More »

May recap

Hey lovely people, it’s been a lil while since I’ve posted anything on here and I won’t lie I am a bit annoyed at myself for that. My brain/mental health has been on a bit of rollercoaster this month and every time I’ve wanted to write I have just been pretty much braindead and very demotivated. I want to get back into writing as not only does it make me happy, but its also like a kind of therapy and it clears my ever so messy head. I’m kickstarting my blogging with a May recap, which I would usually partner with a favourites post but I don’t have any this month so it’ll be just a recap for now. I hope you enjoy.
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