What’s your favourite film?

What’s your favourite film? I was posed this question the other day, last night to be exact. I have been posed it multiple times in the past by the same person, and various other people, and without fail I always react the same way: “oooo gosh, I have no idea”. As a former film student and self proclaimed film lover, I’m extremely embarrassed by this answer; I thought I was getting better with my indecisiveness, clearly not. Problem is, I like so many films for so many different, personal and technical reasons – how do you choose just ONE? Please, decisive people, teach me your ways! I’m sick of having an existential crisis every day! Anyway, in an attempt to curve this debilitating issue, I thought I’d try narrow down at least 3 films that I totally adore. So without further ado, here are my “top 3” (maybe… I still haven’t decided yet) favourite films and why I like them.
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Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

Last week I had 3 days off work. I travelled to Birmingham and then to Sheffield to see The 1975. Seeing them has been a long time coming, and after countless people told me that I would adore every second, they still exceeded all my expectations. I get goose bumps when I watch the footage back on my phone, it feels like a distant fantasy; bopping to Girls, belting out Love It if we made it and silently weeping during Somebody Else, all whilst being in awe of the stunning visuals in an arena full of people who are there for exactly the same reason.Read More »

Snapshot Favourites

Hi all. So in my last post I ranted about my adoration for blogging but how I miss creating the more “in the moment” content, you know, those kind of posts you can put together in an afternoon with not too much attention, a cup of tea by your side and a mediocre Netflix show playing in the background. In an attempt to hark back to my earlier blogging days, today I wanted to talk about the things I’m loving. However, instead of chunky paragraphs poorly explaining in no great detail why I love each of these things, because I really do suck at that, I’ve decided to play to my “strengths” and simply show you them.
Why do I love them? Well, I just do.
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New Year, New Writing – How Exciting

Hi, hello, howdy, me again. Oh, what’s that? It’s 2019 and I haven’t posted on here in 28 days? Niiiice. Lets just ignore the fact that it’s pretty much been a month since I last wrote anything, and that we’re now almost a week into the new year, shall we? Nevertheless, I hope you all had wonderful festive celebrations whatever you got up to. I won’t drag this intro out for much longer, for all of our sake’s, I’m just going to jump head first into this little writing update.
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Working 9 to 5 (kind of)

Hi lovely lot, long time no blog. It’s been a hot minute since I wrote anything, let alone simply opened WordPress to have a quick read. Normally this is the part that I would apologise for lack of posting, and say something along the lines of “I promise I won’t wait so long next time!” or “don’t worry, normal service will resume shortly!” but this time, you won’t catch me saying either of the sort. Life has changed dramatically since I last posted; for those of you that come back each time and nosy in on my little life (I’m not sure why, but nevertheless I appreciate every single one of you), you may remember me mentioning that I got myself a full time job, well, this week I started that job. I have a desk, my own phone extension, a calendar that people request to see, a hideous ID badge photo (which I’m told is normal), and I go to meetings and meet important people making real decisions – It’s been one heck of a culture shock and I’m the most overwhelmed that I’ve been in a long time, but I think it’s going okay (can you tell I’m trying not to jinx it?).
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Being Assertive – I Need to Work on it

Since my last post I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting, about life and my general presence on this here earth, and one thing I’ve realised is that currently I am the least assertive and decisive I have ever been in my 20 years of existence. I don’t remember a time that I could confidently say which restaurant I want to eat at; I have completely recoiled into myself and you’ll be happy to know that I am now aware, and very sick of it (my friends and family cheer in the background having suffered through my indecisiveness for many years). I’ve been doing a bit of research on how to change and live a more decisive life, and I thought I’d share my findings. Let’s go on this journey together, shall we?
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Life Coming Together

Hi. If I were to say to you now that I had some form of a plan for this post, I would be lying to you. I wish I did, alas, I don’t. Unlike usual though, I actually have semi-interesting things to talk about and update the internet on, so my assigned FBI agent can get the full low-down on my life, it’s just getting those things into cohesive sentences that I’m struggling with today. Thats the problem with writing – your best creations happen when you try the least (well, thats what I find anyway).
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The Autumn Edit

I’m about to do something I’ve never properly done before: I’m going to talk about style. I am the last person on earth anybody would call “stylish” (you only have to look at what I pick up in charity shops to see what I mean) and even though I’ve worked in retail for 2 years, I’m as far away from fashionable as you could possibly get. I do however very much enjoy autumn clothing, so I thought I’d club together a few of my go-to pieces that I gravitate towards during this time of year and chat about them (please go easy on me, I’m very nervous about uploading this post).

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Pumpkin Picking on a Windy Day

Hello my glorious autumn pixies, I’ve rewritten the intro to this post an embarrassing amount of times and I’m really not sure why I’m struggling with it so much (clearly I’m going insane, there’s no other explanation). Last weekend was my first weekend off work in a long time, so naturally full advantage was taken and we went pumpkin picking – and it would’ve been diabolical if I didn’t take my camera along with me. I love this time of year, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that very much (my “Love Letter to Autumn” post does a little wave in the background) but I really do and looking through photos like these fills me with pure joy and comfort, so I hope they do the same for you.
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Anxiety and Sleep Paralysis

Hi hello spooky internet folk, today I’m talking about sleep paralysis. If you were to do a quick google search for sleep paralysis right now you’ll find a definition, a couple of medical pages and a wikipedia page followed by countless web articles with names like: “awake in a nightmare“, “the nightmare of sleep paralysis“, “sleep paralysis: the demon in my bedroom” and of course an article written by Buzzfeed called “13 facts about sleep paralysis that will keep you up at night!“. This post is none of the above, it is however my own account/rantings of living with sleep paralysis turned into a post that nobody really expected or asked for (can I get a woop woop?!).
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