Whats in my travel backpack

I’m heading down to London tomorrow (as you can tell I’m writing this pretty spontaneously), I’ve been anxious about this trip for a few weeks, and with the changes that have happened in my life over the past few days it’s all a bit much, especially with Trump being in London at the same time. However I really don’t want my anxiety to get in the way of an exciting trip with my mum to one of my favourite cities. So I thought that I would put together a little post talking through what I’ll be carrying around with me in my backpack whilst I’m there.

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I’m bound to get a few questions about where I got this gooorgeous little backpack from. I was super lucky to find it on Depop, that app is carnage for trying to find a good vintage bargain and sometimes things can sell almost instantly. There are no tags and the detailing on the zip pulls seem to be written in another language so I can only assume it was picked up in another country. It has 7 pockets, 6 of which close with a zip and the last one (which is on the back) closes with a small velcro patch. I always find that a mini backpack is the perfect kind of bag to take when you’re on a city break, they’re easy to carry, they don’t hurt your shoulders too much and they keep your hands free which is handy if you want to snap a few photos.

I’ll now stop rambling about how much I love backpacks and talk about what I’ve got inside the backpack instead:

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Makeup bag

I always carry a little makeup bag around with me in pretty much whatever bag I’m using however I don’t use it solely for makeup. Back in the day I felt like I had to take every single item of makeup with me just in case, but now I pretty much only take mascara, brow gel, concealer, my trusty vaseline and whatever lip product I’m using that day. I also like to carry hand sanitiser with me, sometimes a little freshen up of your hands is exactly what you need especially in cities because there are sO. MANY. GERMS. Finally in my makeup bag I also carry a couple of sanitary towels, even if you don’t need them you never know and somebody else might.

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Sunny extras

The weather has been So ridiculous recently. I’m not a huge lover of heat, I don’t enjoy unnecessary sweat and I find it crazy uncomfortable so I always try to make it as “comfortable” as I possibly can. Suncream (factor 50, obviously) is an essential at the moment in this mental 20 something degree weather, I burn stupidly easy and when I burn the burn doesn’t turn into a nice glowing, bronze goddess tan, I just go back to my pale ghosty self. Other sunny weather extras include a mini deodorant to freshen throughout the day, my sunglasses (+ sunglasses case) and chewing gum, though thats always in my bag.

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Everyday items

Probably the most boring category of the 3 but I kind of can’t leave my house/anywhere without these 4 things. I obviously have my purse, money, ID, bank card etc. (if anybody is interested, my purse is from Accessorize) and in my purse I always make sure I have a couple of spare hair bobbles, in case I ever get super sick of my hair. I like to carry around a little notepad and pen for if I ever I have a little time to kill, instead of sitting on my phone I like to do a few doodles and let my mind run. And finally because of Apple’s amaaazing battery life, I carry around a portable charger with me.

So thats kind of it (also add any snacks I fancy during the day). Fairly mundane things but things nonetheless and I always like to have a nosy in peoples bags so I hope you enjoyed having a nosy in mine.

Keep shining & see you in the next post


10 thoughts on “Whats in my travel backpack

  1. I am so sad that you don’t know where the bag is from as I adore it! Could probably find a similar one if I shopped around. I’m so glad someone else carries spare tampons/pads as I still remember the day I forgot mine and started my period and no one else seemingly had any??! xx

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    • I know it has no labels or anything! I always get questions about it and I’m so glad I managed to find it before anybody else did :’) I’m the same and thats why I do it, I always panic about it xx

      Liked by 1 person

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