2 day photo diary

For somebody that loves photography, I don’t do it half as much as I should. I realised this the other day, during this lull that I’ve been in I’ve really stopped being creative, and I’ll be honest it does make me a little sad. So in the past few days whilst I’ve been out and about doing things, seeing cute sights, having lunch and trying to distract my mind, I’ve been trying to take more photos in the hope it will spark my creativity again (and also to document the little happy things in life).

Day 1

On day 1, I met up with my dad for lunch and a catch up. We went to a town not far from where I live called Malton, which is apparently Yorkshires “food capital” (exciting times). IMG_6081

For the outfit of the day, I chose my Hollywood t-shirt (that I didn’t get from my trip to Hollywood), a floral skirt I bought off Depop, my green denim jacket and my vans. I’m still trying to figure out how to dress in this weather, summer makes me feel v uncomfortable, its just a whole load of unnecessary warmth and because we don’t have air con like the majority of the UK, it makes me want to tear my skin off (is that a normal reaction?).

2018-08-09 13:16:10.390


I don’t remember the last time I visted Malton, it had clearly been a while because I can’t remember much of it. Most of the buildings in the town centre are either painted white, pale blue or pale pink which is ridiculously cute and reminded me of a seaside town. We grabbed a spot of lunch in a little cafe and then had an ice cream treat for desert (I had strawberry and dad had Lemon meringue).



2018-08-09 18:00:12.062

To finish off the day we headed to the town where I used to go to school (also where I lived with my dad for a bit) and we had another walk around. It was nice to have a catch up with my dad where there was no time restraints, usually there is always something to rush off away for like work or family, but this time was different and it was really lovely.

Day 2

I’ve been feeling pretty low as of recent, just generally about life and myself, and this low feeling was then not helped by some bad news about a job I really had my fingers crossed for. I’m trying not to dwell on it and I really am trying to stay positive, what will be will be and as everybody keeps telling me, something good will be round the corner. Day 2 was a good’n, mum took me out for lunch at a local farm shop and then we walked around a couple of villages nearby just for some peace and quiet.


I put on my favourite ugly shirt, mom jeans and converse, did some natural makeup to the best of my ability and then we headed out. I dressed for breezy sunshine but it ended up raining and being way cooler than I expected, so to accompany my lunch I ordered myself a deluxe hot chocolate (marshmallows included).


2018-08-09 18:00:35.920


2018-08-09 17:34:10.850

Nun Monkton (one of the villages we visited) is ridiculously quaint, filled with big country houses, a typical fancy country pub, cows roaming on the roads, and a gigantic maypole in the middle of the village green. Rumour has it that Daniel Craig owns a holiday house here, I’m not sure how true that is but my mum is pretty convinced.


These two days were absolutely lovely and to be honest, just what I needed. I don’t spend time with my parents like this all that much, especially my dad, so I really appreciate the times that I do. I’m actually surprisingly happy with the photos that I’ve taken too, all using my Iphone 7 plus and edited with the Huji app.

Keep shining & see you in the next post


19 thoughts on “2 day photo diary

  1. I love the photos you took and how you edited them! Spending time with your family is so underrated tbh, I love just kicking it with my mum and dad. ALSO I am obsessed with that ugly shirt of yours, I WANT ONE! Fabulous post girly ❤

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