Pumpkin Picking on a Windy Day

Hello my glorious autumn pixies, I’ve rewritten the intro to this post an embarrassing amount of times and I’m really not sure why I’m struggling with it so much (clearly I’m going insane, there’s no other explanation). Last weekend was my first weekend off work in a long time, so naturally full advantage was taken and we went pumpkin picking – and it would’ve been diabolical if I didn’t take my camera along with me. I love this time of year, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that very much (my “Love Letter to Autumn” post does a little wave in the background) but I really do and looking through photos like these fills me with pure joy and comfort, so I hope they do the same for you.





I definitely think a chilled post like this was needed, especially after the heaviness of my last one (although thank you everyone for the positive feedback, it means the world).
I really want to get more variety back into my posts, for a little while I’ve been apprehensive about being more creative and sharing what I love on my small corner of the internet (which is ironic because I’ve been quite open about what’s been going through my ever messy brain). I love writing and photography, they both really inspire me, and I want to improve and get better in expressing that in what I create. For now though, enjoy the pumpkins.

Keep shining, see you next time


9 thoughts on “Pumpkin Picking on a Windy Day

  1. Great photos! I actually brought one of the little squashes from Aldi the other day and roasted it. Tastes like butternut squash and sweet potato mixed together – I would recommend! X

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