The Autumn Edit

I’m about to do something I’ve never properly done before: I’m going to talk about style. I am the last person on earth anybody would call “stylish” (you only have to look at what I pick up in charity shops to see what I mean) and even though I’ve worked in retail for 2 years, I’m as far away from fashionable as you could possibly get. I do however very much enjoy autumn clothing, so I thought I’d club together a few of my go-to pieces that I gravitate towards during this time of year and chat about them (please go easy on me, I’m very nervous about uploading this post).

High neck tops

High necks, more like bye necks! (Thats not even remotely funny, this blog is officially cancelled). I love ’em – comfortable, cosy, easy to style. High neck tops are easily what I reach for the most during autumn and winter. Sometimes I wear them on their own but usually I’ve got one layered underneath a t-shirt, lace cami or a jumper (depending on how chilly I’m feeling). I bought my two favourite high necks from Primark a couple of years back and I’ve never been able to find such good ones since, they’re pretty much worn to death at this point. My other favourite is a vintage Emporio Armani jumper given to me by my gran – it makes me feel like a real boss.

AfterlightImage 14

Leopard print

Is it really autumn if you don’t wear leopard print? The answer – yes, but you would look a lot less sassy. I’m not a massive leopard print junkie, which you may not believe as a giant faux fur coat is pictured below but trust me, I’m really not. My leopard print fix only comes from these two items – I don’t like to drown myself in it, I’m not Bet Lynch. I really do get that this overbearing print isn’t for everyone, it’s too much for me sometimes, but items like these have a little soft spot in my heart. The coat for example was my first “big” clothing treat to myself, I just couldn’t not have it in my life, and now it brings back many cosy autumnal memories.

AfterlightImage 13

Jeans and snazzy trousers

If you ever see me wearing jeans let it be known that it is either one of these two styles: my trusty Boohoo mom jeans or my beautiful Topshop Jamie jeans. I literally do not wear any other styles of jean. So what do you wear when you’re not wearing jeans? I hear nobody ask, well usually a fabulous pair of trousers, thats what. Much like these beautiful high waist cord ones I recently purchased from (you guessed it) Primark. They are the perfect autumn orange and are just darn beautiful in every way. Recently I have been wearing them non-stop with my white high top converse – a combination I’m obviously not cool enough to wear but I’m doing it anyway.

AfterlightImage 18


Finally, accessories. Accessories seem to be more popular than ever, with everybody wearing the biggest, boldest earrings you can possibly find no matter the weather. I love a bold pair of earrings just like the next person, however more recently I’ve been reaching for more subtle jewellery – pieces like a gorgeous pair of tortoiseshell acrylic earrings from Primark, a pisces necklace I got from Depop and some tiny silver hoops I’ve started making myself (Stellae Creations now live on Etsy, yay!).

I’m going to end this post here, I think if I talk about my style for too much longer I may start questioning everything about myself (anybody else do this? No? Just me? Cool). As I said at the beginning, autumn clothing is where I feel my most comfortable so if I was ever going to do a post like this, it had to be now. Stick me in a high neck jumper, mom jeans, lace up boots and I’m good to go.

Keep shining, see you next time


21 thoughts on “The Autumn Edit

  1. Oh dear your style is amazing! ☺️ The cord trousers are so cute! Please style them at some point I would love to see them on ❤️

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  2. I love crew neck jumpers because it means you can wear any t-shirt underneath and no one will be able to see it underneath your jumper, which really bugs me sometimes. I am so bad at wearing jewelry, I always forget but I think it really pulls an outfit together. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the look of the high necks but I can’t stand the feel of them. I always feel so suffocated! The leopard print coat & cord trousers are def my fave pieces but I seriously love everything. You are definitely stylish, girl! ♡


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