New Year, New Writing – How Exciting

Hi, hello, howdy, me again. Oh, what’s that? It’s 2019 and I haven’t posted on here in 28 days? Niiiice. Lets just ignore the fact that it’s pretty much been a month since I last wrote anything, and that we’re now almost a week into the new year, shall we? Nevertheless, I hope you all had wonderful festive celebrations whatever you got up to. I won’t drag this intro out for much longer, for all of our sake’s, I’m just going to jump head first into this little writing update.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting recently, you know, like everyone does at the beginning of a new year, it’s nothing new. Traditionally I’m quite bad at it; I tend to focus on the negatives and glaze over the positive bits – which is why I’m not usually a fan of new year’s, I kind of zone out a bit (hence being MIA over on this here blog. Well, that and how I don’t have much spare time anymore). Because of this unusual reflective status that I have found myself in, I’ve been reading a lot of resolution style posts. So, you’re going to write one of them? I hear you ask. No, I’m not. I find them terribly cliché. Plus, what if I don’t achieve the goals I set out? Then I have to live the rest of my life knowing that I let the internet down. Personal crisis aside however, I have made one declaration (notice, not resolution) for this year: to document things more.

During my reflection the biggest thing I realised was that my writing style has definitely changed – maybe, dare I say, improved – from when I first started posting on here. I am so much happier with what I’m creating now; I adore writing like I never have. For those that know me, you might remember that I had a blog prior to this and I closed it down for that very reason: I was following trends, it wasn’t my content. When I started this site last year, I wrote little and often about whatever. However, along the way I seem to have neglected just that, the more “in the moment” style posts have gone: the photo diaries, the things I’m loving, the totally sick playlists, the vintage hauls, the baking and the crap film reviews. I find myself missing them. I want to start doing them again and put myself out there like I once was. Only problem is, is that when I plan it, I get nervous.

You could say that this is a fairly weird reaction to typing up a simple post about the fruit pie I made the other week, and you would be correct. I seem to have become accustomed to these giant occasional mind spills, like the internet is my new therapist (except having this blog is free). If anything, I should be more nervous about being so candid and openly expressing what is going on in my head, because let’s be honest, she’s a mess. But it’s become such a norm, that I’m not (which is ironic because I suck at doing this in person). My mum regularly cautions me on what I “shouldn’t” be talking about on here, just in case a future employer might stumble across it – which they have, and the most common question I get is why do you write?. What I’m going to ask myself this time though is: why did you stop? Well, me, that’s a good question. A question I don’t have an answer to (well an answer other than having 90% less free time), and quite frankly a question I don’t want an answer to. That’s sooooo last year. This year is all about documentation, and actually being aware of the next 365 days that are ahead of us, which is why you’ll find my next post to be a little different.

Thank you for taking some time out of your 2018 to read my nonsense, get ready to read a truck load more of it this year.
Keep shining, see you next time.


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