Snapshot Favourites

Hi all. So in my last post I ranted about my adoration for blogging but how I miss creating the more “in the moment” content, you know, those kind of posts you can put together in an afternoon with not too much attention, a cup of tea by your side and a mediocre Netflix show playing in the background. In an attempt to hark back to my earlier blogging days, today I wanted to talk about the things I’m loving. However, instead of chunky paragraphs poorly explaining in no great detail why I love each of these things, because I really do suck at that, I’ve decided to play to my “strengths” and simply show you them.
Why do I love them? Well, I just do.
So, without further ado, here are my current favourite things.

This is my favourite scent.


These are my favourite shoes.


This is my favourite kind of tea.


This is my favourite makeup product.


This is my favourite photo on my phone.


This is my favourite mid-work snack.


This is my favourite item of clothing.


This is my favourite place to sit.


This is my favourite accessory.


This is my favourite book.


This is my favourite “trashy” tv programme.


This is my favourite playlist.


This kind of barely scrapes the surface as to what I’ve been loving recently, but I hope this snapshot post gives you a bit of an insight into my here and now.
Keep shining, see you next time.


17 thoughts on “Snapshot Favourites

  1. I adore this type of post. I’m thinking of doing monthly round ups but I love this idea. I also love that you’ve used unfold I LOVE that app!. love the black and white photo of your cat 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, I just found that talking in-depth about favourites can become quite repetitive, sometimes things can just speak for themselves. (I love unfold too! And thank you, I love him dearly) xx


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