An Intermittent Update

Hi all. Looks like after 40-ish days of hiding, I’m finally crawling out of my little dark pit to rear my very pale ghost-like self at you, albeit briefly. I guess that’s maybe not the nicest analogy to start off this post, but, it’s a start nonetheless… Hi. I’m sure you’ve all been nervously wondering where I’ve been as of late (not), but don’t worry, I’m still here. I miss writing. I’ve been struggling to put together a cohesive post for over a week now; writing is usually something I can rely on to escape and alleviate my busy mind – not having this recently has been disheartening, to say the least. I feel like I don’t have a whole lot to say at the moment, a difficult mental patch has riddled me empty, paranoid, and uninspired – this introduction has been an endeavour in itself. However, a wise woman said to me recently: “just because you can’t do something now, doesn’t mean that’s the end” so, instead of giving up, or forcing myself to put “X” amount of rusty words down onto paper (digital paper, of course), I thought for now I’d just share some photos that I’ve taken recently that I quite like, and a small list of positives I’m keeping my mind pinned to. Hope you don’t mind.

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Pumpkin Picking on a Windy Day

Hello my glorious autumn pixies, I’ve rewritten the intro to this post an embarrassing amount of times and I’m really not sure why I’m struggling with it so much (clearly I’m going insane, there’s no other explanation). Last weekend was my first weekend off work in a long time, so naturally full advantage was taken and we went pumpkin picking – and it would’ve been diabolical if I didn’t take my camera along with me. I love this time of year, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that very much (my “Love Letter to Autumn” post does a little wave in the background) but I really do and looking through photos like these fills me with pure joy and comfort, so I hope they do the same for you.
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2 day photo diary

For somebody that loves photography, I don’t do it half as much as I should. I realised this the other day, during this lull that I’ve been in I’ve really stopped being creative, and I’ll be honest it does make me a little sad. So in the past few days whilst I’ve been out and about doing things, seeing cute sights, having lunch and trying to distract my mind, I’ve been trying to take more photos in the hope it will spark my creativity again (and also to document the little happy things in life).
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Getting back into photography

Sometimes I forget how much I love taking photos. I love capturing things in the moment and being able to have a copy of that second forever. I studied photography in college and I’ll be honest, I don’t think that I appreciated it enough at the time. It’s weird that when you’re forced to do something sometimes your creative energy can just stop. However now, I love taking photos just for the sake of it, just because I want to and it makes me super happy. Recently I’ve been trying to take more creative photos and I’ve found a new way of editing that I’m reeaaally happy with, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.Read More »

No rain no flowers

Recently, without realising, I seem to have been taking a lot of photos of flowers. I think it might be my subconscious mind thats ready for spring, sun and all things floral or it might be just because when I’m in the mood to take photos I’m usually drawn to natural beauty, which tends to be flowers at this time of year. Anyway I’ve accumulated so many photos in the past week or so, I thought I’d stick them all in a blog post so they don’t go to waste sitting on my phone. I hope you enjoy (:
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London snaps

Hey lovelies, so it’s been a few weeks since I last posted and since I’ve been away from my lil corner of the internet I’ve turned 20, been to London, seen The Cursed Child at the West end, had my mind blown by theatre and become even more hooked on green tea (which was somehow possible). In this small post, I thought I’d share a few of my fave London snaps with you.
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L.A photo diary: One year on

To anyone that knows me personally this post is probably going to be a bit annoying because ever since I went to LA, one year on, I still manage to fit it into conversation pretty much everyday. Even though I talk about it far too much *everyone collectively rolls their eyes* I wanted to fully reminisce, probably not for the last time, because I goddamn miss it and I wish I could go and do it all again. So feel free to have a nosy at some of my favourite photos from my week in Los Angeles.
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Snowy snaps

So a little while ago we had a sprinkling of snowy weather here in the UK, it was just after the 25th which is bloody typical, of course no white Christmas, that would be wayy too perfect. However one night when I got back home and the snow was still settled on the ground, I had the urge to go out and take some snaps before it all melted & wanted to post my favourite snaps on here for all to see.
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Twinkle Pike Way

Hello shining festive lights (fitting with this post), last night my mum and me set about our (sort of) Christmas tradition in visiting a small cul-de-sac about 15 minutes from where I live that dresses up to the nines with Christmas lights, and one tinsel reindeer that I spotted. The aptly named “Twinkle Pike way” has been doing this for as long as I can remember, raising a heck of a lot of money over the years for different charities and putting many smiles on peoples faces. I took a few snaps of the gorgeous street and thought I’d share the festivities with you.
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Morning walk & a lil haul

This morning I got up at 6 O’clock to go to work, I got fully ready and just as I was about to get on the bus I double checked the rota as I do every morning (and night and also just before I walk into work even though I know it’s the same) and realised that they’d moved my shift without telling me the rota had changed. I didn’t want to let my early start go to waste though, so I got changed into comfier clothes and headed into town, I ended up taking some snaps and treating myself to a couple of things so I thought I’d show you…
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