The Autumn Edit

I’m about to do something I’ve never properly done before: I’m going to talk about style. I am the last person on earth anybody would call “stylish” (you only have to look at what I pick up in charity shops to see what I mean) and even though I’ve worked in retail for 2 years, I’m as far away from fashionable as you could possibly get. I do however very much enjoy autumn clothing, so I thought I’d club together a few of my go-to pieces that I gravitate towards during this time of year and chat about them (please go easy on me, I’m very nervous about uploading this post).

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Lil charity shop haul

Hey lil sunflowers, it’s time for a charity shop haul. I’ve been meaning to do this kind of post for god knows how long, I’m constantly going into charity shops/vintage stores in the hope of finding a cute bargain or two, you just cannot go wrong with them. Even though I adore them, I always forget to sit down and write about the bargains I’ve found (probably because I’m excited to wear everything) but here I am now sitting down and writing about them – yay!
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Urban Decay Born to run palette

Hello hello makeup junkies, in my last post I promised that normal service would resume and here I am coming at you with a palette review. The palette in question: Urban Decay’s new “Born to run”. I have had my eyes on this utter beauty since I saw the first release photos and I knew that this was going to be my next “big” makeup treat. Even though this palette isn’t officially released in the UK until the 2nd of August, I managed to get my hands on it whilst I was in London the other week and I just HAD to tell you all about it (prepare yourself for the swatches).
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Whats in my travel backpack

I’m heading down to London tomorrow (as you can tell I’m writing this pretty spontaneously), I’ve been anxious about this trip for a few weeks, and with the changes that have happened in my life over the past few days it’s all a bit much, especially with Trump being in London at the same time. However I really don’t want my anxiety to get in the way of an exciting trip with my mum to one of my favourite cities. So I thought that I would put together a little post talking through what I’ll be carrying around with me in my backpack whilst I’m there.
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Morning/evening skincare routine

In the past I’ve been pretty crap at looking after my skin, I never stuck to a routine and my skin was an honest mess. However recently (and when I say recently I mean in the last few months/year) I’ve been so much better at looking after my skin, taking care of it, realising how important it is and I’ve noticed such a difference. I wanted to share with you my morning/evening skincare routine and the products that I use, nothing is too fancy or flash, there isn’t a million steps and its not too complicated. Everything can be bought easily (and cheaply) from high street stores.Read More »

New cruelty free beauty

Hey party people, soo I seem to have accumulated a few new beauty bits and bobs in the past month or so, I’ve been really cutting down on my purchases recently in an attempt to save more money buut these ones seemed to slip through the spending ban. I’ve had them all for a lil while now and I’ve had a chance to test them all out, so I thought it’d be a good idea to talk through what I’ve got and how I’ve been getting on with them *Cue the mini haul/review*.
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I like big earrings (& I cannot lie)

Yeahh a pun I couldn’t resist and I’m not even a little sorry. It’s true though, I do love a big/statement earring. I don’t wear them everyday (I really do not have that kind of lifestyle) but when the occasion calls, a statement earring can really finish an outfit off. I wanted to dedicate this post to some of my favourite “big” earrings that I own, sooo take a look.
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Post xmas purchases

Hello lovelies, how are you all doing? Not going to lie to you, does feel a bit odd buying things straight after the festive period has ended but I was very fortunate to get a couple of gift cards and a lil bit of money for crimbo so I went and treated myself to some nick nacks while I could still take advantage of the festive sales (more for your money obv). Soo thought I’d share my small haul with you.
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My favourite charity shop finds

Charity shops don’t get enough credit and I blaady love em. 80% of the time you can go into one and you don’t find much of interest but thats what is so great about them, because their “stock” gets rotated so frequently that it’s different every time you go in. Sometimes in the other 20% of the time you find some utter gems and today I wanted to show some of my fave pieces that I’ve picked up.
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